Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Panocracy - Intro

Panocracy is the principle that everyone has the right to participate in the making of decisions that affect them and no one has the right to assume someone else's authority for the decisions they make.

Panocracy is a utopia developed by Tobias Blubb in 1991. It resembles Anarcho-syndicalism. One of the main paradigms in the book "Panokratie" (German for Panocracy) is the phenomenon of autarchygenesis, which basically means that social hierarchies arise by themselves. This will lead naturally to the oppression of a big part of a given society, a problem which mankind never has overcome until this day.

The proposed panocratic solution would be a so called "Up-System" as opposed to our current "Down-System" where most of us are ruled upon by some form of authority, usually the government. A "Up-System" would require some structural changes to society namely in it's decision making processes, where direct democracy would replace representative democracy, but also in education and economy.

This is the core principle, the fundamental idea, but how this can be achieved or would look like in practice is a completely different question. Although  there is a German book describing in detail such a utopian world, I will focus in this blog on synthesizing this idea with already existing concepts, social change movements and upcoming technologies. I hope that in the end I can provide "mental pathways" to this idea no matter what your background is and of course you could always read the book and hopefully arrive at similar conclusions. If there aren't enough information in English available right now, you should check out the German version of this blog and the original Panocracy website.

You're very welcome to discuss Panocracy on Reddit.

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